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    Procedures and automation for your
    business is our #1 goal.

    Craigslist Automation

    Complex Artificial Intelligence Algorythms and Auto-Adapting scheduling achieve maximum lead generation at minimal cost.

    Advanced Reporting

    With advanced reporting, you now have the ability to properly fine-tune your business' marketing efforts by tracking your calls and text messages internally.


    Built-in CRM specifically designed to capture your craigslist leads or we can seamlesly intergrate with your existing CRM provider.

    Data Integration

    Data analysis, reporting, inventory feed automation via ftp, xml, and web-services. There is no data we can't import, sort, organize or consolidate for your benefit.

    What We Do

    An industry leader in web automation & data reconciliation.

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    About Us

    Since 2008, Dealership IDS has been a pioneer in classified ad management and automation of various classified sources, primarily Craigslist, but being the 1st was not everything. Cutting edge technology and constant innovation is the key to our continuous success.

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    Dealership IDS has served thousands of businesses throughout the country. We teach, and we learn from our customers. Our customers are an important source of next generation thinking. Solutions for today, and the future.

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    At the core lies our A.I. (artificial intelligence) driven auto-posting algorithm to classified sites, but our specialty does not stop there. Our many supporting modules such as fully integrated CRM, intelligent call tracking and reporting are some of many tools our customers utilize in order to give them an edge in this competitive market.

    Timing, Efficiency & Opportunity Costs

    Value is something a business must have in order to achieve long term success. Dealership IDS is committed towards helping our customers achieve that value through on-going consultations, and analysis of their methods, strategies and executions.

    Being ahead of your competition is not the only factor to be considered. Maintaining value and customer satisfaction is key in this age of accessible data and information.

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